Frequently Asked Questions

I just placed an order on Merchr how long until I receive my items?

once an order is received it is automatically sent to one of our printers. Prints are usually completed with a single working day and shipped. Overall turn around is 10-14 days including printing, packaging and shipping of your order. Note some orders can be back ordered and sent to another one of our printers. In these cases orders can sometimes take up to 21 days. Some orders may also have up to a 5 day lead time.


I only received some of my order. Where is the rest?

To cut down on production time we sometimes may split your order between two or three printers to prevent congestion and wait time. If you received a partial order chances are the rest is on its way via a different courier and isn't far behind.


I live in another country can I still order?

Yes! By all means. We pride ourselves on supplying orders to almost every country so no one is left out.


I have a band/clothing label can sell my items through your store.

Certainly! Get in contact with us via the contact page and we can send you all the information regarding setting up with Merchr.